Band Baja: promoting young collaborations featuri...

22 Sep 2017
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 Band Baja: promoting young collaborations
featuring Indie Routes
Abhas Joshi (Lead vocal), Shreyas Joshi (supporting vocal, guitar, music arrangement) and group
Friday Sept 22, Tata Theatre, 8pm

‘Band Baja’ promotes innovative endeavours by the artistes going beyond the set boundaries of musical genres and traditions, especially by and for the youth.

The series presents ‘Indie Routes’ featuring Shreyas & Abhas, and their band of talented musicians. They explore the depth of Indian music with a contemporary touch, seeking to create newer expressions through a collaborative venture. Their repertoire comprises of Indie pop, Sufi and contemporary folk songs.

Rs 500, 400, 300 (for public)
Rs 375, 300, 225 (members)
Box Office opens on Sept 5 for members &  September 8 for public

Venue: Tata Theatre
Price: Member: Rs 500, 400, 300
Non-Member: Ra 375, 300, 225
Friday 22 Sep
8:00 pm
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