CITI-NCPA Promising Artistes series

13 Apr 2018
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Chintan Upadhyay (Dhrupad)

Prajakta Marathe Bicholkar (Khayal)

Prominent among the various initiatives undertaken by Citi and NCPA are two schemes: Support to Guru-s and Scholarships to Young Musicians. These programs are in the field of Hindustani vocal (dhrupad & khayal) and instrumental music (melody & percussion instruments). This series is launched to showcase beneficiaries of the above schemes. 

In this event, two shishyas will be featured individually. First, there will be a dhrupad recital by Chintan Upadhyay followed by khayal recital by Prajakta Marathe Bicholkar.

Entry on first come first basis

Venue: Little Theatre
Friday 13 Apr
6:30 pm
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