Contemporary Dance Season, 2018

03 Nov 2018
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An NCPA Presentation

Desolate & In the Moment by Mitul Sengupta with Rhythmosaic & Inversion by Navdhara Indian Dance Theatre.

DESOLATE – THE VOICES OF THE TRAPPED  - The piece celebrates the voices  of those in the society of mistaken identities, confused genders, settled issues on unsettled conditions, we live free yet brutally trapped within. The piece revolves around this confused paradigm of life, where we are always living in contraption. The piece breathes about the displaced situation of the dammed souls, who are being constantly interrogated by the society, be it gender, transgender, third sex, the unsettled, the trapped. It is the dance of the ‘DESOLATE’ and song of the voices, which echoes from the deep within ‘that we are trapped, unheard of and ‘DESOLATE’.

IN THE MOMENT-The piece will trace certain significant memories, which each individual has live in the past and here today they will relive it in the present. The question is, how they will relive and readdress the issues which are long forgotten as glimpses and anecdotes in mind. The memories and identities of the past in the present, which will evoke the relentless emotion and passion, life and struggle to be witnessed ‘ In The Moment’

Inversion seeks to explore this thought through a myriad of images in movement.  We are all different yet inherently the same. The reality can be so much a part of an illusion... or maybe not. “What is” sometimes never really “was”... and “what was” never really “is”. The truth often lies twisted somewhere in between.  


Box Office: 9th October for Members & 12th October for Public

Venue: Godrej Dance Theatre
Price: Member: ₹180/-
Non-Member: ₹200/-
Saturday 03 Nov
5:00 pm
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