Jayadev's Ashtapadi-s in the Gwalior Gayaki

23 Sep 2017
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Lec-dem by Neela Bhagwat
Saturday, Sept 23, 6.30 pm
Little Theatre

Jayadev’s Geetgovind (12th century) has a unique place in Sanskrit literature; no poetic work before it was so beautifully connected with music.

Neela Bhagwat has trained in dance as well as music, especially in the Gwalior style with stalwarts like Sharatchandra Arolkar and Jal Balaporia. She also has a sound background in Sanskrit, Marathi and sociology. In this lec-dem she will elucidate the significance of ashtapadi-s in the repertoire of Gwalior tradition.

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Rs. 100 for public and 90 for members


Venue: Little Theatre
Price: Member: Rs 100
Non-Member: Rs 90
Saturday 23 Sep
6:30 pm
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