NCPA Vasant

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Regional language theatre: A festival of fresh and offbeat plays in Gujarati

Started in 2011, the Vasant Festival brings together an array of offbeat Gujarati plays. In Mumbai, Gujarati theatre has a rich and varied tradition. Gujarati theatre has given the city great talents like Shanta Gandhi, Pravin Joshi, Kanti Madia, Mahendra Joshi, Upendra Joshi, Padmarani, Sarita Joshi and many others. In recent times Paresh Rawal, Vipul Shah, Shefali Shah, Sharman Joshi and TV’s Apara Mehta, Rajeev Mehta, JD Majethia, Aatish Kapadia and have emerged from Gujarati theatre. Of late, Gujarati theatre has come to be known for playing safe and producing just conventional social dramas and comedies. But there are producers, directors, writers and actors who are experimenting with form and content, and Vasant wishes to showcase this adventurous side of Gujarati theatre. Vasant or Spring is a time for celebration and renewal. The NCPA Vasant Gujarati Theatre Festival celebrates the colours of Gujarati theatre by presenting a selection of the best offbeat/experimental plays, by the best theatre companies in the city as well as giving an opportunity to theatre groups from Gujarat.