Dance in India has deep roots, evident in the sculpted figures on temple walls, verses in scriptures, and most importantly, the vitality of the genre in India today. Dance shines on as one of the most vibrant elements of culture in India. As the Natyashastra, the ancient Sanskrit text on dramaturgy mentions, dance encompasses all art forms — poetry, music, drama, visual arts and movement.

NCPA presents dance performances that feature the best of the classical forms, and also those that challenge traditional structures. Programs range from the technically complex and brilliant gurus of classical dance, to productions by young new choreographers presenting avant-garde dance works. NCPA has also made possible unique collaborations between dancers and artistes of other genres where artistic quality of the production is given prime importance while choosing a performance.

NCPA plays an important role in continuing the un-broken thread of the evolution of dance in India today and continues to be a vital epicentre of dance activity, where dancers and students come to learn, share ideas, and interact.