A Canopy of Arrows; A Mountain on Fire

13 Feb 2020
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Great images from a Bhagavata Purana of the Mysore Court 
Illustrated talk by Dr. B. N. Goswamy

In collaboration with Sahachari Foundation Events

The NCPA, in collaboration with Sahachari Foundation Events, has the privilege  of presenting an illustrated lecture by the distinguished art historian, Professor. B. N. Goswamy. Professor Goswamy will speaks on great images from a rare manuscript of the Bhagavata Purana, formerly in the collection of the Mysore Palace. The paintings are based on the latter half of the celebrated Book Ten of the Purana, which starts with the career of Krishna after he becomes the Lord of Dwarka. The winsome childhood and the seductive growing years of Krishna get left out here, and one is led into a different world  where the great city of Dwarka is founded, a fierce contest with the bear-king Jambavana is fought, the Khandava forest is burnt down, the great fortress of Narakasura is attacked and vanquished, the city of Hastinapura is dragged to the waters, great pilgrimages are undertaken, Shishupala is slain, Jarasandha is riven. Wide-eyed, one sees wonders piling upon majestic wonders.


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Thursday 13 Feb
6:30 pm
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