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    26 November 2016 | 6:30 pm

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Ashwini Bhide Deshpande (vocal) with Dhanashri Ghaisas (vocal)

supported by

Vyasmurti Katti (harmonium)

Vinod Lele (tabla)


Khayal is one of the widely practiced genres of Hindustani (North Indian) music today. The gharana-s (schools) associated with this form of vocal music are distinguished on account of aspects like voice production, repertoire and specific techniques used for unfolding a raga.

Having come to prominence with the legendary vocalist and Guru, Alladiya Khan (1855-1946); Jaipur, also known as Jaipur-Atrauli gharana, is one of the most popular traditions associated with khayal music. The style is characterized by a blend of all three aspects of music–making, viz. melody (raga), rhythm & tempo (layatala), as well as lyrics (sahitya) in a measured proportion. One of the main features of Jaipur gharana is its unusual repertoire of jod (compound)-ragas and not so often heard complex (anvat) ragas. The majestic style of this gharana is also known for off-beat taan patterns (melodic runs) and use of innovative melodic flourishes to conclude the individual cycle of improvisation.

Initially trained by Narayanrao Datar, Ashwini Bhide Deshpande was groomed by veterans like her mother, Manik Bhide, and Ratnakar Pai. Her style is marked by effortless exposition of complex ragas with pleasing tonal quality and aesthetic appeal. Despite having a doctoral degree in biochemistry, Ashwini has chosen to dedicate her life to music, as a performer and a Guru.

Dhanashri Ghaisas has been training with Ashwini Bhide for the past decade.

The duo will present, individually and together, traditional compositions in common and rare raga-s in the idiom and aesthetics typical to the Jaipur gharana.

They will present bada khayal, chhota khayal and tarana followed by some semi-classical compositions.

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