Aaj Rang Hai

10 Mar 2018
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Hindustani Play (130 mins)

An NCPA Presentation

Aaj Rang Hai is a rare Hindustani play that brings together Kathak dance along with mesmerizing Sufi music exploration of Hazrat Khusrau’s poetry, life and philosophy.

The plot revolves around Beni Bai of Madhya Pradesh - a baithak singer by profession, who has good knowledge of Indian classical music's history and uses it to counsel her neighbours.

With the backdrop of Hazrat Amir Khusraus poetry, the drama celebrates a world of love and no conflict, with interesting characters including an endearing fool, an always angry bua and a dear lafanga

Come experience an evening of love, humour, drama and exquisite Sufi music with soul stirring Qawwalis performed live

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Venue: Tata Theatre
Price: Member: 750, 600,330 & 225 /- (Plus GST)
Non-Member: 1000, 800,440 & 300 /- (Plus GST)
Saturday 10 Mar
7:00 pm
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