tT A A A
  • Venue
    Jamshed Bhabha Theatre
  • Date Time
    22 December 2016 -
  • Member Price
    450, 300 & 225/-
  • Non Member Price
    600, 400 & 300/-

Festival Details

The NCPA presents the world premiere of Agni, Navdhara India Dance Theatre’s (NIDT) latest contemporary dance theatre work by choreographer Ashley Lobo. Commissioned by the Suzanne Dellal Centre in Tel Aviv where its international premiere is slated for in March 2017. NIDT has made waves globally with its last work, Amaara. Agni is the Vedic god of fire. Fire ignites passion. It is a symbol of light and darkness, destruction and purification, beginnings and endings, sacrifice and knowledge. In today’s world, passion demands change through purification and destruction. We purify to destroy and destroy to purify. In this work, the dancers, using Lobo’s Prana Paint™ technique, take the audience on a journey of Agni as they seek the end. A journey that needs to be experienced more than seen, felt more than understood.

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