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    7 May 2017 -
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Agnipankh is a historical drama set at the time of Independence with the winds of change sweeping across the country. Durgeshwari or ‘Baisaab’ as she is reverently called is a wealthy Brahmin who runs her zamindari household with an iron fist, making up for her husband’s inability of looking after the family name. She is willing to go to any lengths to preserve the stature of her family in society. In this process she loses touch with her responsibilities as a mother, wife and more importantly changing times. Could this lead to her downfall?

Directed By: Ganesh Yadav
Cast: Mita Vasisht, Satyajit Sharma, Gulki Joshi, Raksha Shetty & others
A Mango House Production

Tickets: Rs.2500,2000,1500,1000,500 ( public)
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