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  • Venue
    Little Theatre
  • Date Time
    18 September 2022 | 6:30 pm
  • Age Limit
  • Duration
    120 Minutes

Event Details

Film Screening

An NCPA & The Embassy of Mexico in India / Honorary Consul for Mexico in Mumbai Presentation

A 1940, Mexican Film, considered as one of Mexico’s best films which was completed in only three weeks.

The plot revolves around Cantinflas, who is the boyfriend of the housemaid (Paz) of Cayetano Lastre. She allows him to enter the kitchen regularly to eat after signalling him with a whistle. But this time on condition that he shoots the dog, Bobby, who has suddenly developed rabies.

After Cayetano leaves the house, his wife Dolores del Paso, gives an entrance into the house to her ex-boyfriend, Bobby Lechuga, a con artist/ gangster who has been blackmailing her with photos and letters of the past. A suspicious Cayetano suddenly returns home and happens to catch Cantinflas whom he suspects to be his wife’s lover. Dolores, however, pretends that he is Leonardo del Pastor, her long-estranged, brother and has come because their father wants all heirs to be present to read and distribute their inheritance. So Cayetano starts treating Cantinflas like a king, the latter taking advantage.

Clothilde Regalado, who is the mother of Leonardo’s children, reads a newspaper clip on this and arrives with her children. Cantinflas wants to tell Cayetano the truth, but Dolores stops him. Clothilde is aware that he is not the real Leonardo but still agrees to marry him for the benefits she perceives. As Cantinflas is trying his best to avoid this, the police arrive looking for Leonardo.

There is confusion as Bobby Lechuga has been killed and Cantinflas admits to having killed Bobby (the dog, not the gangster). But the police find the gangster’s wallet with Cantinflas who had picked it up in the beginning when Dolores was sneaking him in. Cantinflas is arrested. This misinterpretation of the dog/ gangster, Bobby continues in court till the real Leonardo appears and explains about the real Bobby’s blackmailing and that he killed him in self-defence. Cantinflas is fully acquitted and is once again seen waiting outside Cayetano’s mansion for Paz’s whistle at dinnertime and entering the kitchen to eat.

Director: Juan Bustillo Oro
Producer: Jesus Grovas
Art Director: Carlos Toussaint
Screenplay by Humberto Gomez Landeros
Mario Moreno as Cantinflas
Joaquin Pardave as Cayetano Lastre
Sofia Alvarez as Dolores del Paso

Admission on a first-come-first-served basis. NCPA members will get preferential seating till 6:20 pm.



  • Compulsory wearing of Mask
  • Checking of Double vaccination certificate of Artists / Patrons at the entry point of the Theatre
  • Temperature checking at the Gates

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