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‘The 3rd dimension of Pannalal Ghosh’s eternal music’,
on the intricacies of the maestro’s unmatched musical works
by Dr. Vishvas M. Kulkarni

An NCPA Library Presentation

Until mid-1930s, woodwinds had no place in Hindustani music . It was Pannalal Ghosh (1911-1960), the pioneer flautist of India, who innovated bamboo flutes to make them suitable for playing Hindustani classical music. He added several new ragas and orchestral compositions, introduced the six-stringed tanpura to Hindustani music, popularised the flute in films and thus filled a vacuum in Hindustani music. The music this artiste was a balanced blend of gayaki (vocal style) and tantakari (stringed instrument style) without gimmicks. Ghosh’s historic works of integrating bansuri with traditionally established instruments in classical music in only about 25 years of musical life is a big landmark in the history of global music.

‘The 3rd dimension of Pannalal Ghosh’s eternal music’ intends to unfurl the forgotten intricacies of his unmatched musical works.

Dr. Vishvas Kulkarni is a senior scientist at Bhabha Atomic Research Centre. Trained in Hindustani classical singing with Shreepat Shastri, Nalini Rokade, Ashok Kulkarni and  Nanasaheb Betawadkar; Kulkarni specialised in flute-playing under the tutelage of Keshav Ginde and V.G. Karnad, a distinguished disciple of Ghosh. He continues his efforts to propagate the Pannalal Ghosh tradition of flute-playing by teaching and disseminating information on the musician through supportive activities in association with organisations working to nurture arts.


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