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Inspired by the book “Parindon sa Libas”

The NCPA Library, in collaboration with the Literary Warrior Group, proudly presents a Poetry Meet (Hindi Kavi Sammelan) promising an evening of literary splendour. This kavi sammelan will feature distinguished poets from the Literary Warriors Group. Among them are Pallavi Jain from Bahrain, Sunil Chaudhry “DeedD” Lakhnavi from Delhi, Mandeep Aashu Ratra and Pooja Dhadiwal from Nagpur and Waheeda Hussain from Jabalpur. Their verses will weave tales of love, life and the human experience. The event is conceptualised and moderated by Sujata Jadhav.

The evening will be a symphony of art forms. The poetry recitations will be complemented by soulful guitar melodies. Join us for an enchanting evening of poetry, where words weave magic and hearts are stirred by the power of verse. Additionally, immerse yourself in lively discussions over a cup of chai during our ‘charcha’ session.


Entry free on a first-come-firstserved basis.

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