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    Experimental Theatre
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    15 June 2023 | 6:30 pm
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    Rs.270 & 180/-
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An NCPA Presentation

Sarasijakshudu (A masterpiece of the Tanjore Quartett)
Bharatanatyam by Indira Kadambi and Ramya Suresh

The celebrated varnam ‘Sarasijakshudu’ is a masterpiece composition by Sivanandam, one of the Tanjore Quartet brothers. This exquisite varnam speaks of the desire and longing of the nayika for her beloved Rajagopala, the Lord of Dakshina Dvaraka. Here the nayika expresses her overflowing passion towards her lotus-eyed lord, and urges him to look at her, to not ignore her. She yearns for his embrace and expresses her wish to unite with him through love. With her flirty glances and naughty advances, she pleads him to come to her and choose her over the captivating music and dance he tends to get engrossed in.

A brilliant performer and a sensitive, innovative and intelligent choreographer, Indira Kadambi has carved a niche for herself as one of the excellent exponents of Bharatanatyam. Natural grace and flexibility, a great sense of rhythm, chiselled movements and expressive artful interpretations make Kadambi one of the finest performing artistes. Her abiding commitment, integrity and passion for the art gives a sheen to her recitals.

Kadambi has been honoured with the Natya Shanthala Award from the Aryabhatta Cultural Association in Bangalore and Senior Dancer Award from Natyarangam, Narada Gana Sabha in Chennai, among others.

Outstanding Senior Dancer Award from Narada Gana Sabha (Chennai), Vidya Tapaswi from Tapas Foundation (Chennai) and Nrithya Kala Sagara from Bhairavi Fine Arts (Cleveland). She is a Doordarshan artiste and also an empanelled artiste of the ICCR, Government of India.


Advayam – nāsti dvayam yasya
by Sheetal Kapole and Madhavi Gangal

 Not two, but, as one single entity.

Two unique dance styles, Kathak and Bharatnatyam, come together and amalgamate by the Indian classical tradition in them.

Founder and Director of Lehja Art Foundation, Dombivli, Sheetal Kapole is a senior disciple of Shama Bhate. She has also learnt from Madhurita Sarang and Vaishali Dudhe. Kapole has completed her Master of Arts in Kathak from the University of Pune scoring overall an A-grade. She is a recipient of the prestigious Singarmani Award from Sur Singar Samsad, Mumbai, Madhuvan Gaurav Puraskar and Nrutya Vilasini Award.

Madhavi Gangal received her initial training in Bharatanatyam under the guidance of Udyogamandal Vikraman Pillai. Her quest for higher learning led her to B.F.A and M.F.A.  degrees from Nalanda Nritya Kala Mahavidyalaya, affiliated with Mumbai University. At Nalanda, she received training in Bharatanatyam from revered gurus like T. V. Saundaryarajan,  Deepak Mazumdar and Dr. Malati Agneswaran . She obtained training in abhinaya from Dr. Kanak Rele, a renowned dancer, educationalist and choreographer. Gangal has performed in various dance ballets like Shilpatikaram, Santawani, etc., which were choreographed by Dr. Rele. She has also performed in a group to welcome our Prime Minister Narendra Modi for the 8th BRICS summit, conducted in Goa in October 2016.


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