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    Experimental Theatre
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    20 November 2022 | 4:00 pm
    20 November 2022 | 7:30 pm
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    135 Minutes

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Gujarati Play

How can the greatness of a man be measured? Is ‘greatness’ an independent entity? Isn’t a great man—any great man—a human being first, filled with flaws, inconsistencies and eccentricities? Doesn’t the so-called ‘negative’ side of his personality make him even more humane and authentic? Apple, an Ideas Unlimited drama in Hindi/Gujarati, is an attempt to analyse the humane side of the legendary co-founder of Apple, Steve Jobs and his explosive relationship with his ‘abandoned’ daughter, Lisa. Jobs was an iconic entrepreneur well-known for Apple, the brand he created that ushered in, in many ways, a digital revolution. That Jobs was an adopted child is a well-known fact. However, not many people know that his biological father was a Syrian Muslim and his mother was an American Christian. They were unwed parents who had to abandon their illegitimate child who was picked up by an ordinary and loving couple. It is fascinating to observe that Jobs repeated the unsympathetic behaviour of his biological father with his own daughter. Apple explores this side of Jobs’s life and is, as expected, rife with catharsis and joy.

Written by Shishir Ramavat
Directed by Manoj Shah
Cast: Disha Savla Upadhyay, Rohan Trivedi & Anglo

An Ideas Unlimited Production

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