Ashtanayika - Based on Jayadeva's Geet Govind

06 Jan 2017
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Bharatanatyam by Sanddhya Pureccha & troupe

The Geet Govind Kavyam is an opulent poetry in Sanskrit literature evoking the Rasa. In this production, the description of the Ashtanayikas, eight types of heroines from the Natyashastra are depicted through the characters of the Geet Govind - Radha and her Sakhi.

The Sakhi serves as the link of reconciliation and unity between Radha and Krishna's separation, sometimes pacifying Radha and at times entreating Krishna. The culmination is the natural union of Radha and Krishna which is both physical/ mortal and spiritual / divine. On a mortal ground their consummation was marked by love in separation - viyog and love in union - sambhog. Whereas, on the spiritual plinth, it marks the elevation and surrender of the mortal - jivatma to the divine and immortal - paramatma.


Venue: Experimental Theatre
Price: Member: Rs 360, 270
Non-Member: Rs 400, 300
Friday 06 Jan
7:00 pm
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