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    Experimental Theatre
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    19 February 2023 | 7:00 pm
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  • Duration
    65 Minutes

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Hindustani Play

An NCPA Presentation in collaboration with Aagaaz Theatre Trust

The play explores the actors’ gendered bodies and their relationship with the self, others and public spaces – the piece uses objects, physical theatre, and cartography to devise a thought-provoking experience.

​These stories that begin on a random day. These are first hand retellings of day to day in Nizamuddin basti. The spectator is invited to enter the performer’s world- through everydayness of the narrative. The stories begin to twist into tales of how gender and sexuality plays out in the lives of the four actors. Conversations about family, trust, consent, personal space and gender dynamics begin to surface. Their questions and confusions about their identity and how they are perceived within the boundaries of their home and their community, comes forth through their words and actions.

​The play attempts to highlight contrast between the confining yet comfortable quality of the home space, and the liberating aspects of the outside world. The differences between ‘Who I am’ and ‘How people see me’ guide the explorations, that the performers embark on. The audience is invited to experience the happenings through a gender sensitive lens.

Directed by Dhwani Vij
Cast: Nagina, Jasmine, Nagma & Zainab

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