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An NCPA and Korean Cultural Centre Presentation

The work Bon Voyage (Have a good trip!) expresses the cultural and musical inspiration that the ensemble ID received from their travels in Korea as well as outside of Korea, with music created by expanding the expression and framework of Korean traditional music. Since its foundation, ID has travelled to various regions such as the southern and eastern coasts of Korea, crossing Russia, and around Hokkaido, Japan, observing various natural and cultural environments, interacting with locals and interpreting the unique music and culture created in each region. This performance is to show the freedom and cheerfulness that ID pursues while expressing their travel story with their own colours.

The Korean Band ID presents music stressing on the powerful energy and unique timbre of Korean wind instruments such as the piri (a small reed made of bamboo), saenghwang (26 tubes sheng) and taepyeongso (shawm), guitar, drum-set or janggu (hourglass-shape drum) and sometimes, keyboard. The music is primarily woven by these traditional instruments including the smallest among them and layered by the timbres of the saenghwang and taepyeongso. ID aims to bring out the instinct of musical pleasure from audiences through the music characterised by Korean winds’ unique energy and cheerful atmosphere.

Artistes: KiMun Nam, YoungBin Oh, HongSub Kim, SeungRyoul Jung & JinGyu Kim

Admission passes can be collected by Members, on a first-come-first-served basis, from the Box Office from 9th October.

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