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A lecture Demonstration by Lee Chuljin
Followed by in conversation with Aditi Bhagwat

Yi Chu-jin is a dancer and art manager, who has an accurate record of transfer leading to Han Sung-jun, HanYoung -sook, Lee Ae-joo and Yi Chul-jin . He is also the fourth generation of Seungmu from Han Sung-jun and the third generationfrom Han Young-sook. His dance “Saungmu” last 40 minutes and is said to have unrivaled strength and ruggedness. He is also the only male dancer who play “Salpuri” (15mins) and “Taepyeongmu” (12mins) , whihc are referred to as a masterpiece.

He launched a small theater movement in dance and traditional arts in 2006 when he founded the Sungkyun Theatre in Daehak-ro. Dream Factory in 2008 and the Studio SK in 2014. In 2012 the Seoul Metropolitan Government established the “Korean Dance & Arts Center Corp.” an art group called “Beads Punch” In 2013 and “coop Shin” in 2015.

He not only produces various festivals, “Duo Dance Festival”, International Buddhism Dance Festival”, Voyage to dance and Interational Traditional Dance Festival RYU” but also runs long -tern performances of small theaters.

He graduated from Seoul Institute of the arts with a degree in dance and earned a master’s and a doctorate in physical education at Myongji University. In addition, he served as a visiting professor from SOAS, London University (2008) Sydney University (2010) UCR University of Costa Rica (2015) etc.

Aditi Bhagwat is an internationally renowned Kathak and Lavani exponent from Mumbai, India. Having featured at various dance and music festivals across the globe, Aditi is also a dance educator and trains students in both the Indian classical and folk dance forms.

Aditi has worked with different disciplines of dance and music like Flamenco, Jazz, Folk and World Music expanding her artistic experience. She received the Onebeat Fellowship from the US State department of educational and cultural affairs where she collaborated with several musicians from various parts of the world. With a strong foothold in Kathak, Aditi has explored collaborative ideas in rhythm and movement in combination with Flamenco and Lavani.

Aditi has featured in Indian movies and on television as an actor and dancer but performing on stage remains her first passion. She is deeply grateful to her mother and her gurus in dance for nurturing her talent.


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