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  • Venue
    Tata Theatre
  • Date Time
    26 February 2022 | 6:30 pm
  • Member Price
    Rs.375, 300 & 240/-
  • Non Member Price
    Rs.500, 400 & 320/-
  • Duration
    90 Minutes

Event Details

CITI-NCPA Aadi Anant: From Here to Eternity

T. M. Krishna (vocal)

Supported by Akkarai Subhalakshmi (violin), Praveen Sparsh (mridangam), Anirudh Athreya (kanjira)

The two main branches of Indian art (classical) music—Hindustani and Carnatic—are similar in their fundamental approach to melodic and rhythmic organisation (raga and tala), and yet, they are distinct traditions; distinguishable on the basis of some concepts, styles and forms, poetry and song repertoires, intonation, ornamentation and instrumentation. The Carnatic tradition is predominantly practised in the five southern Indian states.

Trained under B. S. Sharma, C. Ranganathan and Semmengudi Srinivasier, T. M. Krishna is an eminent Carnatic vocalist, author and public intellectual. Gifted with a robust and dynamic voice, Krishna’s music eludes standard analysis; traditional yet stunningly innovative with his original interpretation of it. Having an egalitarian approach to diverse musical traditions, he is known to include in his concert unusual repertoire of unsung composers. A highly acclaimed orator, he has several path-breaking initiatives, awards and award-winning publications to his credit.

Unhinged from the conventional performative obligations, this recital will mainly focus on the aspect of improvisation, which is at the heart of Indian art music traditions. Based on instinctive responses to each other’s musical ideas, the recital is expected to be a free-flowing exchange between the artistes.

As a part of the NCPA x Citi x CSMVS Collaboration, the ‘Museum on Wheels exhibition’ will be docked at the NCPA on 26th & 27th Feb, 2022 during the ‘Citi-NCPA Aadi Anant’ festival. The current exhibit focuses on the journey from sound to music. The bus will be parked opposite Jamshed Bhabha Theatre from 4.00 pm to 8.30 pm. It is open for all. Do visit!

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