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Aadi – the primordial

Anant – the eternal, the one that is endless….

Human life is an intriguing contrast of the timeless idea of ‘Beauty’ and our own finite existence encumbered by the confines of time and space. As we know, arts, specially the performing arts, hold a mirror to our lives. Even the conflicting coexistence of the Eternal with that which is Immediate, is as significant to human life as it is to artistic activity.

Two of the most important characteristics of Indian philosophy that have influenced the Indian arts are: the notions of ‘timelessness’ and ‘cyclicity’. This is especially true in case of abstract art like music, where the ‘timelessness’ or the ‘eternity’ could have dual expressions.

First, the uninterrupted manner in which the artistic traditions are communicated from one generation to the next through the age-old institution of Guru (mentor) and shishya (disciple). In the eternal stream of time and knowledge, shishya carries forth the mantle of his/her Guru, and the cycle thus continues.

The second expression of ‘eternity’ is couched in a relentless creative process that helps redefine and rejuvenate traditions. History reveals that performing arts are not static entities. Although rooted in tradition, they seem to evolve on account of undercurrent principles which are essentially dynamic in nature. We are aware that, inspired by the changing sociocultural environment, every generation of creative minds strives to push the envelope of tradition in the pursuit of exploring new horizons. Such artistic innovations aspire to delve into the infinite realms of creativity. In fact, such ingenious endeavours have helped sustain the oral-aural tradition of Indian music through a span of over three millennia, withstanding all odds, making it the oldest surviving music tradition in the world today.

As trendsetters in their respective fields, Citi and NCPA stand committed to champion the cause of Indian heritage. Together, we are proud to present the twelfth edition of  ‘CITI-NCPA Aadi Anant Festival’, which primarily seeks to celebrate presentations that are based on Guru-shishya tradition alongside works that are within the “boundaries” and yet seem to transcend “beyond”.

With this festival Citi and NCPA salute the Indian legacy, and at the same time heartily welcome the innovations, with a hope that together we can preserve and spread the fragrance of our heritage to the generations to follow.

Come, join us and explore the exciting soundscapes from here to eternity!

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The NCPA is committed to preserving and promoting India's rich and vibrant artistic heritage in the fields of music, dance, theatre, film, literature and photography, as well as presenting new and innovative work by Indian and international artists from a diverse range of genres including drama, contemporary dance, orchestral concerts, opera, jazz and chamber music.