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Something very special shall be attempted in the ninth installment of Con Brio – The John Gomes Memorial Piano Competition & Festival, presented annually by Furtados and directed by Parvesh Java. “Coming of Age” will feature exclusively young Indians performing some of the most well-known works by the most important composers of the last three and a half centuries in three concerts representing three fundamental ideologies that impacted all concurrent artistic activities: Enlightenment, Romanticism & Modernism. It will be the first time that the Con Brio festival will rest entirely on the shoulders of our young Indians, especially the pianists who have won the Con Brio competition in the past. All this as a precursor to 2019, which will be the landmark tenth Con Brio for which we hope to have the entire Con Brio family reunited, featuring Marialena Fernandes, Mark Troop, Patricia Rozario & Paul Stewart. We urge you to try to attend all three programmes as experiencing the progression of these three distinct styles, presented alongside important historical events and other art, will be educational.


As with all artistic movements, challenging the norm is key and Modernism embodies that by merely not having any norm: it is the movement to end all movements by doing away with rules and empowering artists to do as they please. In music, the regularity of rhythm was taken away, standard forms were abandoned, but more than anything, functional harmony (where each harmony resolved to the next in one of the expected ways) broke down completely. Atonality challenged ears, and continues to do so. This programme will not challenge your ears because it will focus on the composers who made small, but significant changes, and laid the way for Modernism. Rajat Chowdhury (Con Brio 2016) will start the evening off with rare piano solos by Kodaly. Bartok, Chausson, Cowell, Debussy, Scriabin, Shostakovich and Turina and will follow along with the finals of the Con Brio competition.


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