Dastangoi Gujarati

16 Feb 2020
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Short Stories in Gujarati (90 mins)

A Utopia Communications Presentation

When the lost words of Gujarati literature (stories) meet the lost format of Persian storytelling, the result is something timeless, namely Dastangoi Gujarati, a 90-minute rendezvous with the nectar and tradition of Gujarati language and the expression and aesthetics of Urdu tradition.

Directed by Pritesh Sodha
Conceived by Hiten Anandpara
Stories by Zaverchand Meghani, Chunilal Madhia, Ketan Munshi, Dhoomketu & Ajay Oza
Story Tellers: Mehul Buch, Alpana Buch, Hemang Vyas, Sejal Pondaa & Pratap Sachdeo



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Venue: Godrej Dance Theatre
Price: Member: ₹450/-
Non-Member: ₹500/-
Sunday 16 Feb
5:00 pm and 7:30 pm
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