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    Tata Theatre
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    20 October 2019 -
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Designs of Space and Time 
By Kumudini Lakhia’s Kadamb
Footprints On Water (Extracts)
By Aditi Mangaldas
An NCPA Presentation

Kadamb’s dance ensemble is one of the most outstanding Kathak dance troupes in India. The renowned Kathak legend Padma Bhushan Kumudini Lakhia has invested her lifetime in promoting and propagating classical Kathak. A celebrated group of dancers will present a bouquet of classical Kathak dance choreographies by the maestro with their virtuosity, precision and elegance.

Kadamb will  begin the show with

Upaj… one  sees  a  variety  of  ‘ tatkar  or  foot  work    is  an  important  aspect  of  the  traditional  Kathak  dance.  This  is  followed  by  Tukras  and  Parans  which  are  compositions  of  rhythmic  pieces  performed  by  the dancer to  the  accompaniment of  Tabla  which plays  the  same  ‘ bol ‘ patterns.SAMANVAY ..

A composition in the  classical Kathak format where  one  sees  the  use  of various floor  patterns as well  as  structure  appearing  and  changing  into movements where  space  becomes  a  part  of  the  dance. A group  of male dancers  will  recite ( Padhant )  of the ‘ bols’ , very fast and intricate foot work, , Brahmaris , powerful Tatkar of Pakhawaj , Tabla and Permaelu bols   creating  a  very dynamic form of Kathak.

Gat -Gati is  based  on  the  movement  structure  of  the  classical  Kathak  dance  known  as  the  ‘Nritta ‘– very  abstract  in  form . The  movements  are  graceful as  well  as  brisk  and  the  dance  covers the floor  area in  fast  moving patterns of the feet , arms and pirouettes. Gat-Gati is a composition in two  different ‘ Taalas ‘ ( rhythm patterns ) where  the  dancers exhibit their virtuosity and control on the  Kathak technique.

The conclusion of the performance is with Tarana….

In the repertoire of the Indian classical music, Tarana is a form of singing in which there is no content of poetry or words instead the singer uses ‘bols’ or syllables to the melody of  the  ‘Raga ’ set to a given rhythm. This particular dance composition is a visualization in movements of the flow of the musical patterns of this melody. Choreography:  Kumudini Lakhia

The evening will continue with  Aditi Mangaldas presenting her solo Footprints On Water (Extracts)who is honoured and humbled to be presenting in honour of her guru, Kumudini Lakhia. Mangaldas is a leading dancer and choreographer in the classical Indian dance form of Kathak. Having trained under Lakhia and Briju Maharaj, her artisty, technique, eloquence and characteristic energy mark every performance. She was recently nominated in the category of outstanding performance (classical) by the National Dance Critics Circle Awards 2017 in the UK. Premiered in 1996, Footprints On Water was one of her most iconic solos, that explored the six changing seasons, evoking images of life that are transient. She is performing four extracts: Varsha, Sharad, Hemant and Shishir.

Concept, Choreography and Costumes: Aditi Mangaldas

Music Composition: Shubha Mudgal


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