Dr. Alka Deo Marulkar

04 Oct 2018
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Hindustani Vocal Music (Khayal) Recital (approx. 120 mins)

An NCPA Presentation

Daughter and disciple of veteran vocalist Rajabhau Deo, Dr. Alka Deo Marulkar was also privileged to train with M. S. Kanetkar, a veteran of Jaipur gharana. As a result, her music reflects a confluence of three traditions: Gwalior, Jaipur and Kirana. Furthermore, her mastery over semi-classical repertoire of Purab tradition, and her academic proficiency to analyse and interpret subtle elements in music lend a stamp of authority to her presentation. A prolific composer and an ardent guru, she is known for her enlightening lec-dems on diverse musical aspects. In this recital, Dr. Marulkar will showcase her eclectic approach to aesthetic build-up in khayal vocalism, and also present some semi-classical compositions. 


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Venue: Godrej Dance Theatre
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Non-Member: ₹150/-
Thursday 04 Oct
6:30 pm
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