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    27 September 2019 -
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A Lec-dem by Neela Bhagwat &
Elroy Pinto (90 mins)

An NCPA Presentation

The idea of a composite culture is a unique facet of Indian society. One comes across artistes, saint poets and also kings and princes inclined towards the idea of compositeness of culture. Like the great Mughal Emperor Akbar (1556-1605), his counterpart in southern India (known as Deccan), Ibrahim Adil Shah II of Bijapur (1580-1627), was known to be well-rounded in multiple arts like calligraphy, poetry, music and painting. Under his auspice, great patronage was provided to the arts and artistes, resulting in the creation of a city known as Nauraspur. Glimpses of Nauraspur is an attempt to recreate and understand the Adil Shahi court culture, which eventually manifested in the idea of ‘Nauras’. The presentation consists of sections in which Elroy Pinto, a student of cinema from SOAS, London, showcases an account of Ibrahim Adil Shah II’s work in a brief yet exhaustive manner. This is interspersed with Ibrahim’s poetry set to classical forms of music by Neela Bhagwat, the well-known vocalist of Gwalior gharana.


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