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    Godrej Dance Theatre
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    30 August 2019 -
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    Rs. 350/-
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English Play

Winner of the 2017 Hindu Playwright Award, In Search of Dariya Sagar is a meditation on loss, memory, exile and the elusive idea of home.

Jatin is a tour guide at the Gateway of India. He is also a Sindhi. Something he hasn’t come to terms with all his life. Till a strange vision, almost an epiphany of sorts, descends on him at the very shores of the Gateway of India. Tina teaches Language and Literature in an international school. She moans the loss of her language and identity and her access to the lost world. Jatin and Tina know each other since childhood. However, their journeys are in the opposite direction, one wanting to retrieve her heritage and language, while the other wanting to disavow it. Till a certain mystery behind Jatin’s grandmother’s property brings them together. And there begins a fresh voyage into the past, where family secrets, memories, unlikely stories are discovered, giving perspective on the fractured present and rottenness which Jatin feels lies at the heart of the ‘deterritorialized’ community.

Written by Akshat Nigam and Gerish Khemani
Directed by Gerish Khemani
Cast: Ankur Sharma, Barkha Fatnani, Fatema Arif, Jaymin Thakkar, Pritha Pande, Sanket Shanware, Shivam Khanna
Live Music: Anadi Nagar, Aryan Easwaran and Akshay Singh


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