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    Experimental Theatre
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    6 July 2019 -
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by Megha Sriram Dalton & a group of Adivasis from Jharkhand
(approx. 120 mins)
An NCPA Presentation

Mahatma Gandhi is supposed to have said, “I have nothing new to teach the world. Truth and non-violence are as old as the hills.” It should perhaps not come as a surprise that his ancient message resonated deeply with India’s oldest and most enduring culture, that of our Adivasis. India’s tribal communities have, for many millennia, lived the Gandhian ideals of respect for all creation, practiced a harmonious, sustainable co-existence with the universe, held a nurturing rather than exploitative worldview and created a society based upon consensual participation rather than domination and subjugation. It is no wonder, therefore, that the Mahatma finds a place in the songs and culture of the Adivasis. We celebrate Mahatma Gandhi’s 150th birth anniversary with a presentation of songs that show the influence of the Mahatma’s life and struggles on the lives of tribal communities from Jharkhand. The songs, presented in three native languages, will be interspersed with commentary in Hindi and English that provides translation and draws out the commonalities between the wisdom of the Adivasi and the quest of the Mahatma.

Anchors: Rajni Bakshi & Vishwanath Sachdev
The box office proceeds will be donated to the cause of the Adivasis.


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