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    Godrej Dance Theatre
  • Date Time
    30 November 2019 | 3:00 pm
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Reading Performance in Marathi

Kimaya is an insightful statement – a collection of essays (published in 1961), about notions about art and aesthetics. Written by late Madhav Achval who was an eminent architect, teacher and thinker, it is an important book which has inspired many to reshape and rejig their outlook very positively. ‘Kimaya’ means magical transformation of matter. This experiment tries to communicate values of artistic felicity. Atul Pethe is a theatre person and Amol Chaphalkar, a practising architect. Together they have attempted to recreate the charm they experienced when they first read Kimaya years ago. There is an element of timelessness in Achval’s words which sparked this joint collaboration. This effort has resulted in tracing a journey of rediscovery where the duo’s inferences and exchanges unfold lyrically with relevant muted references to the present situation. In this reading performance, both these disciplines are being deliberately transposed by these two creative artistes who have collaborated to enlighten, stress and add to the significance of fruitful and prolific dimension of cheerful co-existence. They strongly feel that constant interaction between different arts, diverse cultures and distinct philosophies would enrich senses and sharpen awareness. The performance aims to bring out the inherent energy and smooth rhythm of Achval’s observations and helps us to clarify our own ideas regarding art, beauty, creativity and celebrates the  joy of living.

Writer: Madhav Achval
Installations: Amol Chaphalkar
Music: Narendra Bhide
Lights: Rahul Lamkhade
Assistant: Aniket Dalal, Krishnamurti, Vijay Thopate & Priyanka Nagarkar
Reading performance and direction by Atul Pethe 

A Natakghar, Pune Presentation

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