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Festival Details

Kin is a Contemporary expression of dance by Sanjukta Sinha and is produced by IceCraft. Choreographed by the legendary Kathak dancer Smt Kumudini Lakhia along with Aakash Odedera and Miriam Peretz, Kin depicts the body and mind of a woman in three different ways through 3 dance sequences. The choreographic direction is to show three completely different woman body wise as well as their inner self wise.

Illumine is the divine side of the woman. She is searching and seeking the white, the light that connects us with the divine. Anchored by dramatic swirls that represent both time and life the dance is an ode to the seeker.

Id brings out dark side of woman’s personality. Sanjukta taps this hidden sanctuary with sharp & taut movements that represent the fear and fervor that drive our relationships.

Incede is the virtuoso self of a woman who is so confident and so much in command in life. Sanjukta threads emotions with virtuosity. She is expanding the canvas of the stage to mirror the expansion of the inner self.

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