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    Tata Theatre
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    3 May 2019 -
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Hindi Play (150 mins)

This is a journey of a man who should have been a failure but instead manipulated his destiny and forced it to become a success. At the zenith of his career and crossroads of his life, he pauses to reflect and share his pain, joy, tears, and laughter. The play will be staged as a full production with Anupam Kher narrating and dramatising the important events in his life, e.g. first romantic encounter, failure at the Gandhi audition, casting in Saaransh, awards, personal relationships, etc. The play will tell the story of a small town boy making it big in the Indian film industry and the audience will identify with him and will laugh and cry alongside him as they find snatches of their own lives being played on stage.  This is a play that celebrates life with honesty and rare candour and is a true testimony to the fact that in life, anything is possible so one should never give up.

Written by Ashok Patole
Directed by Feroz Abbas Khan
Cast: Anupam Kher
Produced by Actor Prepares



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