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  • Date Time
    8 October 2017 -
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    Rs.900, 750, 525, 375 & 225/- (Inclusive of GST)
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    Rs.1,200, 1,000, 700, 500 & 300/- (Inclusive of GST)


Laughter in the House – 2

Variety Revue

Tata Theatre

Sunday, 8th – 7.00 pm

An NCPA & Ardeshir B. K. Dubash Production

After four house-full shows, here’s another chance to catch Laughter in the House – Part 2. The second edition of this tribute to the legendary writer-director Adi Marzban showcases his brightest veteran stars Ruby and Burjor Patel, Bomi Dotiwala, Moti Antia and Dinyar Contractor, along with a fine ensemble cast of younger acting, singing and dancing talents including Danesh Khambatta, Azmin Mistry, Rashna Karai, Meiron Damania, Jasmin Siganporia, Hormuzd Khambatta and Hormuz Ragina. Directed by Sam Kerawalla, with Jim Vimadalal as compere, this production has riotous gags about Parsi women watching a cricket match, an old couple’s airline experience and making babies the Jio Parsi way, leading to a finale scene of young and old Bawas, and their inimitable masti.

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