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  • Venue
    Little Theatre
  • Date Time
    3 December 2016 -
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    Registration Fees: 100/-

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By Dr. Milind Malshe

An NCPA Presentation

Jaipur or Jaipur-Atrauli gharana is one of the popular musical traditions of khayal music that came into prominence with the legendary vocalist Alladiya Khan (1855-1946). One of the main features of Jaipur gharana is its unusual repertoire characterised by the inclusion of jod (compound)-ragas and not so often heard complex (anvat) ragas. This presentation will give a glimpse of some iconic compositions by the legendary stalwarts of this gharana. A professor of English literature and linguistics, Milind Malshe has trained in music with stalwarts like G. H. Tilak, Ashok Ranade and Ratnakar Pai. As a performer scholar and teacher, he continues to carry forth the legacy of Jaipur.

For registration, call Ms. Gargi Ghosh on 66223813.

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