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Rajeev Raja (Flute)

Komal Kuwadekar (Vocals)

Nakul Mehta (Saxophone)

Clifton Rodrigues (Piano/Keys)

Abhinav Kokhar (Double Bass)

Benny Soans (Drums)

For the first time ever you will see a concert-cum-presentation live on stage.

Yes, get blown away by live Jazz music held together by a powerpoint presentation that outlines the evolution of Jazz from its beginnings to the modern day.

This unique workshop pays homage to the great American art form: Jazz.

Rajeev Raja ( who plays flute with the band) and Sunil Sampat (Contributing Editor, Rolling Stone) present the history of Jazz using a laptop and a giant screen, with  a live performance bringing you jazz music from different eras.

This unique concert is both incredibly informative and wildly entertaining.

It encourages the audience to participate, clap and sing along.

Learn how Jazz would never have existed if it weren’t for the meeting of the white man and the African Negro.

Discover the blues and its origins. And the part Gospel music played in Jazz history.

Move on to New Orleans and Dixieland, and Mainstream Jazz and Bebop, right up to the influence of Indian music on Jazz and the fusion that was created by bands like Shakti and Trilok Gurtu.

Hear about legendary Jazz musicians, from Duke Ellington to Louis Armstrong to Ella Fitzgerald to Charlie Parker to Miles Davis to John Mclaughlin.

Spend ninety of the most rewarding minutes you have ever spent at a Jazz concert. You can sing along, stomp your feet, swing with the band, even while learning about this fascinating art form.

Come journey through Jazz!

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