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    Experimental Theatre
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    9 March 2019 -
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    Rs.135 & 90/-
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Event Details

An NCPA Presentation
Supported by Godrej Industries
(approx. 120 mins each day)

‘Living Traditions’ is our ongoing series showcasing folk traditions of different regions of India. This year the focus is on Chhattisgarh, a heavily forested state, rich in natural resources, in the Central India. The culture of Chhattisgarh is immersed with varieties of dance forms ensconced in rituals and lyrical song forms dedicated to gods and nature. These presentations are characterised by special costumes, accessories and skilled body movements including mesmerising acrobatic gestures used in some forms. Over the two days, six well-known troupes from various parts of Chhattisgarh will present two forms each of music, dance and folk theatre.


Friday, 8th March 

Pandvani by Prabha Yadav & Group

It portrays the account of Pandavas – the main characters in the epic battle of Mahabharata. The main performer is supported by other vocalists and instruments like tabla, dholak, banjo, manjira and chatka. 

Panthi Dance by Dinesh Jangade & Group

As one of the most important folk dance forms from the Durg region, it is performed during the Satnamicommunity ritual. It is based on a combination of steps and movements accompanied by instruments like mandar and jhanj.

Lok Natya: Dasmat by Rakesh Tiwari & Group

Presented on International Women’s Day, the main character of this story is princess Dasmat, the spirited daughter of Raja Bhoj. It depicts her moral courage to stand against all odds to uphold the dignity of herself and her husband.


Saturday, 9th March 

Sufi & Folk Bhajan by Madan Chauhan

This presentation is based on a tradition prevalent for long in this region – of performing folk bhajansalong with Sufi repertoire recounting teachings of Ghasidas, Kabir, Vallabhacharya and other saint philosophers.  

Sheila Dance by Balam Say & Group

Usually performed after the harvest season, the costume for this stick dance includes a peacock feather stuck to the headgear, and the dancers move in circles to the accompaniment of mandar, bansuri and jhanjh. 

Lok Natya: Raja Foklawa by Rakesh Tiwari & Group

This modern-day adaptation of a popular folk-tale depicts major folk-forms like Nacha, Tharthari, Pandvani, Chandaini, Panthi, Karma, Bans and Bihav. It is a story upholding the significance of moral values in human life. The principal character is Foklawa, a young man who becomes a king.

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