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An NCPA Library Presentation

Dr. Paramita Mukherjee Mullick and her daughter Sankalpita Mullick will be discussing their books, Unravelling and Metamorphosis – Legends Come to Life. The book discussion will have segments of a dramatised reading of select chapters (or short stories) by the authors accompanied by a staged enactment of these short stories by veteran actress of stage and screen, Madhuri Bhatia. It will be followed by a general discussion where Dr. Paramita will speak about the difference in the art of storytelling as a poet versus as a short story writer. After that, Sankalpita will talk about the importance of nuanced writing and the need for sensitivity and respect when writing a story based on beloved legends and epics. Watch mother and daughter speak about the journey of their writing debuts in two vastly different fields and how they helped each other through it.

Unravelling is a short story collection by Mullick. All the stories are loosely based on real-life incidents either experienced or heard by the author. Sketches by the author accompany each story. The stories depict how life can be hilarious, eerie, happy and not so happy, sometimes all at once.

Metamorphosis – Legends Come to Life is Sankalpita Mullick’s debut novel. It is the story of a young teenager who embarks on a journey to boarding school, where things are not as they seem and otherworldly experiences seem commonplace. A one-of-its-kind book about the villains and antagonists from Indian epics, legends and myths, this book explores themes of redemption, second chances and questions about what makes one intrinsically evil and whether one can be unchangeably evil. Sankalpita is an alumna of Between the Lines, the International Writing Program at Iowa University, on a full scholarship.

Admission on a first-come-first-served basis.

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