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Festival Details

The NCPA Mudra Dance Festival started in 2012, is one of NCPA’s main dance festivals, held in April around International Dance Day every year. It is a thematic dance festival woven around themes like bhakti poetry (2013), motherhood (2014), colours (2015) and the influence of animals and their movements in dance (2016). The festival features spectacular dancers of Indian classical dance forms, both young upcoming artistes and senior stalwarts. in 2017, the festival is centered around the theme of transformation and its different interpretations.

Mudra dance festival, 2018 celebrates oneness. The feeling of being interconnected to everything around. This oneness translates into many deep connections that exist between the different forms of the Arts, among the different styles of dances and also between the body, mind and soul of a dancer. Mudra 2018 is an ode to this connection which is everywhere just waiting to be discovered.

Towards Hasya
From Smile to Laughter through the Language of Dance

This year, we journey towards hasya. In the world of communication, hasya is the magic key. It is a powerful tool to put a difficult point across, to break the ice in a conversation or to simply be happy. We celebrate this rasa with a series of performances by acclaimed artistes.

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