Music Mirror: Hans Akela

23 Mar 2018
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Director – Jabbar Patel
Produced by – Films Division (Hindi 2005)

Duration – 77 minutes

The documentary presents an insider’s take on the legendary vocalist Kumar Gandharva (1924-1992); framing the tale as the journey of his grandson Bhuvanesh Komkali discovering his musical roots. It depicts a memorable journey of the singing legend who dared to evolve a pathbreaking approach to classical music.

A series of poignant interviews with people who had the privilege of watching the maestro from close quarters and some rare footage makes the documentary a treasure trove of information, incidents and photographs.


Admission on a first-come-first-served-basis. Members will get preferentialseating till 6:20 pm. 

Venue: Little Theatre
Friday 23 Mar
6:30 pm
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