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The Benaras gharana of vocal music is known for its wide repertoire including classical and semi-classical genres. These genres have flourished side by side and have also influenced one another. In addition, the repertoire also includes folk forms like chaiti, jhoola, hori etc., which not only add a lilting quality to the music but also help bring music closer to the common man. The compositions are mostly in local Bhojpuri dialect with occasional traces of Urdu, an influence brought in by the Nawabi culture of nearby Lucknow.

Trained by maestros Sarju Prasad Mishra and Srichand Mishra, Girija Devi (1929-2017) was a versatile prima donna of Benaras gharana. Armed with a wide repertoire ranging from khayal to Purab ang thumri and several folk forms, her inimitable style aesthetically combined the classical idiom with the regional flavour of folk songs from Bihar and eastern Uttar Pradesh.

This screening is based on a live thematic concert presented by Girija Devi at the NCPA
in July 2012. It included some selected works of two prominent composers of Benaras gharana: Shambhunath Mishra alias Nath piya (c. 1855-1918) and Shyamcharan Mishra alias Shyamdas (c. 1810 – 1900).

The presentation included: two khayal compositions in raga Bageshri, thumris in raga Khambavati and Mishra Khamaj, and a composition each of dadra, jhoola and tappa.

Direction: Sumantra Ghoshal

Admission on a first-come-first-served basis.

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