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  • Venue
    Tata Theatre
  • Date Time
    30 July 2023 | 8:00 pm
  • Age Limit
  • Member Price
    2700, 2250, 1800, 1350, 900, 540 /-
  • Non Member Price
    3000, 2500, 2000, 1500, 1000, 600 /-
  • Duration
    85 minutes

Event Details

My Wife’s 8th Vachan is an eighty-five-minute comedy and family play inspired from marriages.  The play is about the mystery called “marriage” that has deepened with each effort of solving it. This play, at most, is another ambitious (read failed) attempt at doing so.

Madhur and Mahak are no different from any married couple who have been co-existing in each other’s lives for fifteen years and have been quarrelling for reasons unknown. So much so, that their little daughter has decided to study in a boarding school to avoid the daily battles her parents invent out of nowhere. Mahak wants to address the elephant in the room and talk to Madhur about the state of their marriage. She is prepared, even if some difficult decisions need to be made. A reluctant Madhur finds himself in the most uncanny episode of his life, when the eighth promise that Mahak made at the time of their marriage comes back to haunt her. What is that eight promise? Who did she make it to? Is this the much-awaited break from their dilapidated marriage that they both needed? Come and discover in this laugh-a-minute comedy inspired by, your marriage.

Famous Film, TV and Theatre actors Anup Soni, Vinay Jain and debutant Monisha Singh Katial take the audience through this episode of comedy drama. The production bears the stamp of a typical Atul Satya Koushik production i.e. lavish sets, costumes, music and a spectacular wholesome experience for the audience.

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