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Listening Session on the Artistry of Kishan Maharaj
Guided by Suresh Talwalkar with Arvind Kumar Azad & Pravin Uddhav

In collaboration with Music Forum, Mumbai.

This session is presented to commemorate the birth centenary of the legendary tabla maestro, Kishan Maharaj (1923-2008) of the Benaras gharana.

Born into a family of professional musicians from Benaras, Kishan Maharaj was trained in the art of tabla by his father, Hari Maharaj, and uncle, Kanthe Maharaj. Starting his performing career at a young age of 11, besides presenting brilliant solo performances, Kishan Maharaj went on to accompany some iconic vocalists, instrumentalists as well as dancers of his time.

Besides his versatility, an extraordinary ability to play cross-rhythms and produce complex rhythmic motifs, particularly in tihai patterns, made him extremely popular with instrumentalists and dancers of diverse styles.

The session will include selected video excerpts of the maestro playing solo as well as accompanying well-known vocalists, instrumentalists and dancers. This audio-visual session will be guided by tabla maestro Suresh Talwalkar along with Arvind Azad, a senior disciple of Kishan Maharaj and Pravin Uddhav from the Benaras Hindu University.


Admission on a first-come-first-served basis.

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