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  • Date Time
    4 December 2021 | 11:30 am
  • Duration
    60 Minutes

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Understanding intricacies of the laya-tala
An online workshop for performing artistes by Suresh Talwalkar

The aspect of rhythm is inherent in all human activities. It is a quintessential element of performing arts such as music. The Indian tradition is characterised by the unique temporal concept of tala, which is essentially cyclic in nature. Whether vocal or instrumental music, or even dance, the aspects of laya and tala are integral to the performance. Therefore, an in-depth study of these aspects is of immense value to a performer.

The session will specially focus on how to be mindful of the minute aspect of laya, especially during improvisation, and effortlessly arrive at the sam, which is the high point of the tala cycle. The topics covered will be across genres: from khayal for vocalists, masitkhani gat for instrumentalists, and the aspect of microscopic laya for kathak dancers. The talk will be punctuated with insightful anecdotes of some iconic masters of laya-tala.

Suresh Talwalkar is a celebrated tabla player and an eminent guru, well known for his prowess to expound various aspects of laya-tala, to not only tabla and pakhawaj players, but also vocalists and dancers.

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