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    2 July 2022 | 11:30 am
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Understanding the aesthetics of bandish presentation

A free online workshop by Padma Talwalkar

In the context of Indian art (classical) music performance, the main objective is to portray the personality of a raga in an unambiguous manner, with maximum aesthetic effect. A good composition, often referred to as bandish, helps achieve this. Basically, bandish holds within its structure, elements that can be improvised upon, and hence, serves as an edifice upon which the architecture of a raga can be sculpted.

It becomes imperative, therefore, for a performer to understand the various modalities that could be adopted in the exploration of bandish. Some exploratory techniques are no doubt gharana-specific (school/style-specific). Nevertheless, there are facets that lie beyond the gharana framework, which are crucial for enhancing the overall effect of a raga presentation.

Groomed by stalwarts like Gangadhar Pimpalkhare, Mogubai Kurdikar and Gajananrao Joshi, Padma Talwalkar’s music is an eclectic mix of Jaipur and Gwalior traditions. Today, she is regarded as one of the outstanding female vocalists and a senior guru.

With a focus on khayal bandishes of Gwalior and Jaipur gharanas, this lecture-demonstration will attempt to highlight some essential aesthetical concepts that are beyond the confines of gharana ideology; and need to be adopted to enhance the overall aesthetic effect of a raga performance.

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