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    3 June 2023 | 11:30 am
  • Duration
    Approx. 50 mins followed by Q&A session

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Qaida and its Improvisation

A free online workshop on Zoom by Yogesh Samsi

The drum pair called tabla is the most widely used, and perhaps, the youngest percussion instrument in the North Indian (Hindustani) tradition. On account of its extraordinary ability to produce a variety of tonal effects, besides art music, the tabla also has a dominant presence in light, popular, film and world music scene.

Among svarious forms that constitute repertoire of the tabla, qaida is perhaps the most important; in the sense that it is vital to both performance and training, invariably demanding detailed attention and long hours of practice. Despite the restriction in terms of having to follow fixed rules, there are, literally, countless possibilities in which it can be improvised.

Yogesh Samsi is the son of Agra gharana maestro, Dinkar Kaikini. Trained under the legendary tabla maestro, Alla Rakha, he has inherited the idiom of Punjab gharana.

Today, Yogesh Samsi is regarded as a brilliant solo player and a sensitive accompanying artiste, who is sought after by eminent vocalists as well as instrumentalists. As a Gguru, his pedagogical approach aims to nurture creative thinkers who will propagate and evolve the ideology of the gharana.

The session will focus on the subject of qaida, the content and modalities that could lead to its meaningful exploration.


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