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Aesthetical significance of uthan from different matras in a given tala

A free workshop on zoom by Satyasheel Deshpande
(duration 60 mins followed by Q-A session)

In the context of Indian art (classical) music, a composition, often referred to as bandish, serves as an edifice upon which the architecture of a raga can be sculpted. By virtue of holding within its structure, the elements that can be improvised upon, a bandish contributes in portraying the personality of raga in an unambiguous manner.

There could be several bandishes based on the melodic structure of a given raga. There could be variations in terms of factors such the poetry, the tala and the speed used, as well as the specific beat (matra) of the tala cycle from where the composition takes off (uthan). Each of these factors has a definite aesthetic significance, especially in the genre of khayal, which is known to offer infinite scope to imagine, interpret and improvise spontaneously.

With a focus on khayal bandishes, this workshop will highlight the aesthetic effect attributed to the point from where a bandish is expected to take-off (uthan) with respect to the tala cycle. Discussion will include live demonstrations of bandishes across gharanas using varied take-off points within the framework of a given raga as well in different ragas.

Satyasheel Deshpande is known for his contribution to the field of Hindustani music as a performer, composer, musicologist, researcher, author and Guru. Son of the renowned musicologist Vamanrao Deshpande, he had the privilege of training with the legendary vocalist, Kumar Gandharva. The establishment of Samvaad Foundation, one of the largest and valuable collections of Hindustani music, has enabled him to imbibe knowledge and the insights of great masters together with their varying perspectives on the art of music making.

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