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    19 February 2022 | 11:30 am
  • Duration
    60 Minutes

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Understanding Intricacies of the Nadsadhana
A free online workshop for vocalists by Uday Bhawalkar

In humans as well as animals, the voice is the basic means of communication. Speaking of music as a sonic art-form, the voice assumes further significance as the prime vehicle to convey the emotional and aesthetic nuances. Possessing a healthy voice, therefore, seems to be a prerequisite for a good singer.

In India, since ancient times, attention has been given to the aspect of nadsadhana or grooming of the voice. Several practices and remedies were recommended in order to nurture the desired voice quality. The voice-training method as practiced in the tradition of dhrupad, which is a medieval genre that survives even today, reveals several techniques and practices which are of utmost significance in nurturing a strong voice. Therefore, an in-depth study of these aspects is of immense value to not only the practitioners of dhrupad, but also to performers of other vocal genres of Hindustani music, like khayal, thumri, etc.

The session will specially focus on techniques and exercises used to develop breath control, and the range, resonance and strength of voice. The speaker will also concentrate on demonstrating the important aspects of enunciation of svara (musical note) in various contexts, and how to develop the required concentration to remain focused on the creative aspect of music.

Uday Bhawalkar is an internationally acclaimed exponent of dhrupad. Having contributed significantly to the revival of dhrupad, he is also a renowned guru, imparting training to several young artistes in the Dagar style of dhrupad.

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