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    5 July 2017 -


An NCPA-NFAI Presentation

Neem Annapurna / Bitter Morsel
Bengali Film with English Subtitles
(1979/B&W/95 mins)

A married man loses his job in a small town so he takes his family to the city in search of work. To make ends meet, they rent out part of their hovel to an old beggar. When the father fails to find work and his eldest daughter is tempted by prostitution, the mother steals a sack of rice from the beggar who has a heart attack and dies. She disposes off the body and serves up a delicious meal. Guilt prevents her from eating and she goes out to vomit as the film ends.

Story by Kamal Kumar Majumdar
Direction, Production & Screenplay by Buddhadev Dasgupta
Cast: Monidipa Ray, Sunil Mukherjee, Jayita Sarkar & Manojit Lahiri

Admission on a first-come-first-served basis. NCPA members will get preferential seating till 6.20 pm.

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