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  • Date Time
    22 July 2023 | 11:00 am
  • Age Limit
  • Duration
    60 mins followed by Q&A session

Workshop Details

Management of physical health from a perspective of a performer
By Dr. Prakkash R. Sharoff
A free online workshop on Zoom

Performing art as a career could lead to physical problems arising out of long hours of practice in improper posture and lack of fitness. Such problems faced by artistes may range from repetitive stress injuries to severe health-related disorders that could have long term implications on their performing career.

This workshop aims at helping artistes to understand the positive and negative implications of posture, and its role in enhancing overall efficiency. The session will entail discussing the three main postures (sitting cross-legged, sitting on chair/stool and standing) adopted by artistes. Suggestions will be offered to correct the posture, which can prevent repetitive stress injuries and also delay the degeneration of joints due to undue stresses. The speaker will offer tips for increasing the efficiency of muscles and joints by putting them in a biomechanically advantageous position, and thus enhance the overall capacity.

Prakkash R.Sharoff is a distinguished practicing physiotherapist who is trained in orthopaedics, sports and manual therapy. Having a vast experience in dealing with pre and post operative rehabilitation of orthopaedic and sports injuries, he serves on the panels of various international organisations such as the Olympic Gold Quest. As a first Asian official for the Neuro Orthopaedic Institute, Australasia, he is an award-winning physiotherapist, serving as the Director of Physiohealth Pain Management & Performance Enhancement.


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