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    14 October 2023 | 11:30 pm
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Understanding live sound, its fundamentals and possibilities

by Ashwin Jyoti

A free online workshop on Zoom

Supported by HSBC

With the advancement in the technology that is available today to control and influence sound, it becomes imperative for all personnel involved in a live event to have some basic knowledge about the fundamentals governing the live sound as well as the possibilities for enhancing the sound quality in such a scenario.

This workshop is aimed at not only musicians but also technical personnel like budding sound engineers having aspirations to join the live sound industry.

The session will specifically deal with issues related to the behaviour of sound in real-time, during a live stage performance. It is designed to introduce participants to various devices used, such as microphones, speakers, mixers etc., that influence the quality of sound. The role and impact of each of these devices will be explained and demonstrated with the help of live ensembles of vocal and instrumental music. This will enable participants to understand how to achieve the best sound during performance, within the given acoustic conditions such as the architecture of the hall and the size of the audience.

Ashwin Jyoti has trained in audio engineering and has a vast experience of managing “live” sound. Having worked with a variety of PA systems, he specialises in setting up sound and rigging PA for huge audiences, both indoor and outdoor. An amateur singer himself, he has knowledge about mixing for events across various genres. Presently, he heads the team for live sound at the NCPA.


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